Friday, 12 April 2013

I'm going on the road this week - come hang out.

For those Australian followers who may know me from Twitter, Hypable writing or my podcasts - this is my personal invitation to you to check out something else I do, which is happening this week. I tour-manage my buddy Christopher Gutierrez, an independent author from Chicago, when he comes to my country to do his talky thing.

I would really love it if y'all would come out and see us on tour. I do all the venue booking, travel booking, tour management, and merch management, I travel with Chris and run the events, and my ability to pull off these tours is one of the only things in my life I'm legitimately proud of.

If you don't know who Chris is, here's my "official" pitch:


Christopher Gutierrez is a author, spoken word artist and founder of the independent DeadxStop Publishing Company. He is based in Chicago, IL.

After his blog gained recognition by many fans of the Chicacgo music scene he grew up and worked in, Chris turned from blogs and zines to actual books and started DeadxStop. DeadxStop has, to date, published eight books of Chris's own autobiographical stories (including the astonishing 4am Friends, a bleak look at sexual compulsion and a history of sexual abuse) three books by other authors, a DVD and several spoken word CDs. DeadxStop will next publish a book of “on the road” tour stories by another Chicago hardcore veteran, Brian Diaz, as well as Chris's own first work of fiction, a novel about a dysfunctional romance. Since starting DeadxStop, Chris has worked as a life coach, hosts a successful weekly podcast, and for fun, makes vegan-friendly soaps. Chris has spent the last seven years touring worldwide with his unique 'author speakings,' which feel like a mix of stand-up, motivation, and old-fashioned storytelling, and he will be returning to Australia in April for his fourth Australian tour.

"Every generation has a voice... I've already found one. He is the father of words you are about to inhale." - Tim McIlrath - Rise Against

"There are very few people in this life that we all root for. Chris is that type of kid, because he tells it like it is - no matter how unpopular or popular it is." - Pete Wentz - Fall Out Boy

"Reads like a mix of pragmatic feel-good sermons, James Frey's bloody knuckles recovery speak, and Henry Rollins' defiant masochismo." - Chicago Reader

You can check out some excerpts from his books right here.


Chris is an amazing speaker, I don't think I've ever met anyone who left one of his speakings anything less than impressed. Please come along and say hi to him and to me - I would love to meet you all and love you to see what we do on tour.

All shows $15.00

Saturday, April 13th - Sydney. 
The Friend in Hand 58, Cowper St,  Glebe, NSW 2037

Sunday, April 14 - Brisbane. 
The Theaterette, Brisbane Square Library, 266 George St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Monday, April 15th - Perth. 
Frisk Small Bar, 103 Francis St, Northbridge, WA 6003

Tuesday, April 16th - Adelaide. 
Tooth and Nail Gallery, 26-28 Coromandel Place, Adelaide SA 5000

Wednesday, April 17th - Melbourne.
Carlton Library, 667 Rathdowne St,Carlton North VIC 3054

Thursday, April 18th - Sydney (DIFFERENT SET). 
The Red Rattler Theater, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville NSW 2204

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