Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review: Pitch Perfect - ACAMAZING

Pitch Perfect
(watched on 2nd January 2013)

 I know that Pitch Perfect has been out for months in the USA, but it has only been in cinemas for a few weeks here. I knew it was going to be good, but oh my god, it was one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. There were some flaws that stuck out to me - firstly, although Aubrey's regime for the Bellas is clearly crap, it would have been nice if they had kept the "we only do female songs" aspect because, you know, girls. Secondly, it felt a bit unfinished - like that maybe there were sub-plots that were meant to happen and that got cut, but they left the set-up in there to meander out? I'm thinking the stuff with Freddie Stroma, Aubrey's daddy issues, some of the Amy/Bumper stuff (the "Why do you have Bumper's number? " "Ummmmm... ahhh.. ummm.." and also some of the Chloe stuff - I've heard that the movie was meant to go to a Beca/Chloe place and that they changed it, and it felt like a LOT of set-up was done for that and then they just decided to literally change it half-way through filming. It felt like the reveal of "who's a lesbian" was meant to be this, like, unexpected twist as Chloe, but then it wasn't? I don't know, was that a thing?

Regardless of that, though, I can't believe how involved I got in the film - like, just sheer delight at the musical numbers - there were a few where I literally wanted to (and did, quietly) applaud, or wanted to (and did, quietly) sing along. And the most unrestrained laughter I have had in a cinema in a very long time, I think everyone in my group ended up sliding out of their chair at some point. Rebel Wilson, my god, the whole audience was dying, most of us with the added aspect of actually understanding exactly how awful and un-PC her Australian references were (they were bad, you guys, reallllllly bad) and also having grown up watching her on Pizza, which was, side-note actually filmed on location in a store right down the road from my old house and school. But seriously, "sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not." This, in context, absolutely murdered me, as did everything Elizabeth Banks said. And Anna Kendrick was great, she has always been great, I have loved her since I saw sing "Ladies Who Lunch" in her first movie, Camp, at the cinema. If you have not seen this film, run, don't walk, run and see it NOW, it is absolutely everything Glee wishes it could be about performing arts students, it is one of the best films of all time. She's just so natural and cool.

Skylar Astin is a prince, and a brilliant Broadway baby, and I loved his character and would like to date him myself, though I would have been okay with Jesse and Beca being BFFs and the film actually going to a Beca/Chloe endgame, seeing as Beca complained about movies having predictable endings in a way that made me think there would be more of a twist. But dude, when she was singing "Don't You (Forget About Me)" at the end, and I realized a heartbeat before it happened that he was going to do the Judd Nelson fist-pump KILLER. Also, when this happened, my friend Francesca was crying, I mean like... glasses fallen off, full on weeping. I have never seen her cry more in my life, she assures me she has when watching things in private, but I have never seen her cry like that in front of people or watching a movie. And while I was not sobbing like her, I do understand the sentiment.

But yeah. It was just all so damn cool, and engaging - both the initiation party scene and the riff-off were so totally awesome and vibed really realistically, in regards to those kind of communities and college parties. Also, if you look closely, one of the song topics on the riff-off spinning wheel was "songs ruined by Glee," which, lol forever. By the end, that final Trebles number, the Cee Lo/B.o.B one, I was like, finger-pointing and seat dancing and not even pretending not to sing along. Basically, plot-holes aside, this was a bloody brilliant music-related film, with some extremely fresh writing, and I want to watch it again pretty much right now.


  1. I LOVED Pitch Perfect and I want to see it again immediately. I was in a pretty crowded small cinema screen surrounded by assholes, but I still had a great time, so it must have been good. I loooooved the ending. I loved the guys' performance, when the main guys' room mate started singing. I was dancing in my seat, silently applauding and trying my very hardest not to sing along.

  2. GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRL I saw this movie on the weeekend before Christmas and my first thought was "omg Natalie's gonna LOVE this". I loved the singing and the jokes, beautiful. Ana Kendrick could never be a DJ and her character has a serious special snowflake syndrome ("Do you know David Guetta? DUDE, WHAT) but I liked her voice. And the main guy was sooooooo cute *_*

    The "songs ruined by Glee" option killed me, too.

    Agh, so good.

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