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Opinion Time - Kurt and Blaine

Why Klaine becoming canon has made me stop shipping Klaine.

This was written several weeks ago, and we now know the circumstances of Blaine's transfer - and that hasn't alleviated any of these issues for me. This is what I spoke about in my Hypable audition.

I love Kurt, but - for all I've shed floods of tears over him and Blaine, and Original Song broke me into tiny little pieces - I don't think I like him in a relationship.

Kurt, over the series of the show - he's selfish and self-involved, he's a total Slytherin - which is usually hilarious, and I love, I love that he's cold and bitchy, but when there's something he really cares about - like his Dad - he changes completely. A relationship - real love - should be affecting him in that way. Yet Blaine doesn't seem to be, now that they're together and Kurt is back to full confidence levels? Now that Kurt isn't broken any more - and yes, of course I'm glad he's not - he is the dominant one here. I'm at the point where I'm worried that Blaine is going to become a doormat. This spoiler doesn't help that worry.

You know how some people, despite being young, right from the start, they just have serious, crazy-love, intense relationships? That was me, in school (And Rachel.. And I think it's Blaine...) but I think Kurt's in the shallow, i-think-this-is-serious-but-it's-not, TEEN dating thing. Which is realistic, but I do not think they're in this equally. I saw it said somewhere 'if you believe Kurt is actually in love with Blaine based on the coffee scene, it's an insult to Chris Colfer's acting' and I honestly kind of agree, and if that's not what they WANT people to think, someone has some work to do, because enough people have picked up on this dynamic.

We have seen how love - the kind of love that makes you vulnerable - changes Kurt. Yet Blaine doesn't change him. At best he helped him get back to full confidence.. and once he's at that level of full confidence, he may be neglecting who Blaine actually is, and doing the very common teen thing of "oh my god look at my BOYFRIEND look how successfully IN A RELATIONSHIP I am." I do wonder if it's addressed - it would be brave of them to, even at end of the season, have that addressed, a break-up for that reason. Of any couple, really instead of acting like every couple is actually in TRU LUV while they're together.

I'm still not that happy with the asking to Prom thing, because it COULD have come across as 'I want to support you and help you face your fears, Blaine' but it didn't, to me it came across as 'I'm going to say this to humor and manipulate you because I really want a date.' -his victory reaction when Blaine agreed, while adorable, also made me feel that way and made me unhappy with him.

Basically I don't really see anything of Kurt being unselfish or considerate of Blaine, more just thrilled to have a boyfriend and show that off.

If this transfer thing is Kurt addressing Blaine's feelings of shame or running away or basically doing it for ANY considerate reason, that will be good. But that is not what I am vibing from this spoiler. I'm vibing "come support me, be my fellow Only Gay In The Village and Trophy Boyfriend."

The ONLY reason I can see for Blaine to leave Dalton is that he does feel guilty and unashamed and like a failure for not coping at his old school. Which, maybe he does, but dude, he got beaten up and left for dead. Dalton is awesome for him - people like him for who he is, he has the best kind of genuine popularity - when other people just LIKE you, because you're you - his talents are recognized by others, rather than being competitive about it - and it's a "better" school than McKinley as far as his future goes. The ONLY reason for him to change is his own demons. If they don't make it about that, it's going to make him and Kurt look... pretty bad to me. He's already whipped enough. Kurt has the kind of personality that, when confident, can definitely take advantage of people for his whims. I really don't want Blaine to be a victim of that.

 I don't think Kurt was lying, consciously, saying I love you. I think he THINKS he means it, but he is shallow - this isn't the love that could crush him. Whereas Blaine is in full-on, adult, this-is-the-One-or-at-least-the-First-One love. It's Blaine's first REAL love, but not Kurt's. In my teens and early 20s, I said I Love You - and thought I meant it - probably to about, I don't know, 10 relationships? Looking back, I know that I was truly In Love with... 2 of them. Kurt is, for Blaine, one of those 2, if you know what I mean..

I honestly think that for Kurt to be fully taken out at the knees by love, he needs to be hit with it/find it at the height of his power - whether it's a realization with Blaine, or something with someone else. As you said, the power dynamics are all off here, and it really feels like a case of - and this is something I have seen a million times - "unconfident person gets attention/relationship. said relationship builds up their confidence until they rise above the other party and become confident enough to leave them/find better/want more"

I could be convinced of Kurt's feelings if we had scenes of them alone and Kurt being different. But so far.. nope... and the Prom thing is still really getting to me. Like, yes, Kurt, I know you want to be proud and stand out - but I do agree with Burt in saying he likes to get the attention - and honestly, Blaine was doing a pretty huge thing by even agreeing to come. Yes, it was Kurt's night but if he wanted Blaine to come that much, he should have gone out of his way to make it as easy and safe for Blaine as possible, rather than kicking up the fuss about the kilt - does wearing what you want really mean more to you than your boyfriend feeling comfortable, when he is already taking quite a huge step to even go with you?



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